Puppy Behavior Training

Your puppy’s early months are an impressionable period in his or her life, and the right training can make all the difference in your lifelong relationship with your dog. The goal of any puppy classes is to teach basic manners, encourage good behavior, prevent problems, and increase socialization, all while helping you establish a strong bond with your new canine companion. The effort you put into your puppy early on will pay off tremendously down the road.

The behaviorist we recommend is Brian Lee at “Way of the Dog” Canine Counseling. He has been a practicing behavioral counselor and trainer in the South Bay for over 25 years. According to Brian, there is more to dog training than come, sit, stay, and down. Brian believes in educating the dog’s owners on how to raise and develop the most mentally healthy, relaxed, grounded and stable dog possible. A dog’s behavior is based on two things; his/her raw materials (personality, breed, age, sex) and his/her environment. Your home and family are part of that environment. Owners who take on the responsibility of raising and developing their dog will have a happier, more content pet. Using a positive approach to motivate your dog with enthusiasm and respect vs. fear, meeting your dog’s basic needs, providing opportunities for social development, and maintaining a positive, clearly defined relationship with your dog will result in a well-behaved dog.

Please call Brian at 310-543-0375, or check out his website at www.caninecounseling.com to discover more information or schedule an appointment.