Comfort for Your Pet While You’re Away

Planning a a vacation that doesn’t include your pets? Consider leaving them with us.

We offer veterinary supervised boarding in a clean, warm, caring environment. We have the facilities to provide your pet with a comfortable stay while you are out of town or just away for the day. We have space for large, medium and small canine guests, as well as several private quiet areas for our feline guests. When boarding your pet, it is always a good idea to bring the food that they are accustomed to eating at home so that they do not develop an upset tummy from eating a different diet. We carry many of the most common pet foods, as well as most prescription diets here, so no worries if you forget their food at home! We can also administer any medications he or she may need while in our care. Pets also like to have an item from home in their boarding space with them for comfort.

We require proof of vaccination and require that an intestinal parasite exam has been performed within the last year. Please allow enough time when dropping off your pet to enable us to perform a brief complimentary Boarding Admission Examination. We offer this service to ensure that all pets boarding with us are healthy and parasite free upon arrival. When boarding at Harbor Animal Hospital you will have added peace-of-mind, knowing that if your pet experiences any illness while you’re away, with your permission, he or she will be promptly and competently cared for by one of our veterinarians. Then you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your four-legged family members are being well taken care of. Extra play time is also available for our more energetic guests!

We also board small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and pet rats after a wellness exam. Call us at 310-328-3733 to book your pet’s vacation with us! Download and complete your Boarding Check-In Information ahead of time.