Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery includes surgeries not associated with bone. Examples of soft tissue surgeries and their benefits are listed below.

The most common soft tissue surgeries performed at our hospital are the removal of masses or ‘lumps’. Most of these tumors, once removed and tested, are benign (non-harmful).  However, occasionally they are more serious. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a mass is necessary to improve the outcome of your pet’s health if the mass is cancerous.  Be sure to notify us if you feel any unusual lumps on your pet and let us evaluate them as soon as they are found.

Lacerations are also common in pets and suturing will reduce the chance of infection, improve healing time, and reduce scarring. Ear infections also affect many breeds of dogs and surgical treatment can improve air flow into the ear canal and can reduce the occurrence of these infections.

Unfortunately our pets sometimes ingest objects they are not supposed to which can lead to an obstruction in the intestinal tract (stomach and intestines). Surgery is often needed to retrieve these objects. When caught early, these patients have a good prognosis for recovery.

The above are only a few examples of the variety of surgeries we perform at Harbor Animal Hospital. There are many more our veterinarians are trained to perform and if needed, we can refer to a specialist, or have a specialist come to the clinic to best take care of your pet’s needs.

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