Rimadyl Rewards Program

 Rimadyl Rewards Program! 

The Rimadyl Rewards Program is an exciting new way that you can earn rewards for the Rimadyl you purchase here at Harbor Animal Hospital.

As you continue to care for your dog with Rimadyl, the #1 pain medication prescribed by veterinarians, you’ll accumulate Rewards Points based on the amount of Rimadyl you purchase.  These Rewards Points  translate into dollar amounts that you can spend here at Harbor Animal Hospital to offset the cost for diagnostic tests, annual exams, additional Rimadyl, or any other expense including treatment with our NEW K-Laser!

Please feel free to call or stop by for more information about the program!

Rimadyl Rewards Chart
Rimadyl Bottle Size Points Dollars Earned
25mg x 30 Tablets 60 $6.50
25mg x 60 Tablets 120 $13.00
25mg x 180 Tablets 360 $39.00
75mg x 30 Tablets 70 $7.75
75mg x 60 Tablets 140 $15.50
75mg x 180 Tablets 420 $46.50
100mg x 30 Tablets 80 $9.50
100mg x 60 Tablets 160 $19.00
100mg x 180 Tablets 480 $57.00



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