COVID-19: Health And Safety Are Our #1 Concern

We will be reopening in a limited capacity as of 7/12/21.

A new protocol will be in place to protect all persons inside our building from COVID-19, and still work towards normal business operations. This protocol will be updated as the state and county vaccination rate increases.

Protocols in place to protect you:

When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, stay in your vehicle then please call 310-328-3733 to check in. 

Upon check in, please inform our team if you would like to continue with a “Curbside Exam” or if you would like to come inside the building for your pet’s exam. 

Curbside Exams

  1. Will continue as we have since the start of the pandemic 
  2. You will remain in your car and do not need to enter the building
  3. Masks will be required if you are directly communicating with a team member

In Building Exams 

  1. PLEASE do not request an in building exam if you are SICK or have been exposed to anyone sick 
  2. One of our Doctor’s Assistants will take your pet’s medical history over the phone and then request that you head to our front door with your mask on. 
  3. Masks must be worn by ALL people at ALL times while inside the hospital. Our exam rooms are very small making proper social distancing nearly impossible. 
  4. Your temperature will be taken at the front door and then you and your pet will be escorted into an exam room. 
  5. Please only one person per pet appointment due to the small size of our rooms.   
  6. Hand Sanitizing solutions are available in all exam rooms and by reception doors. Please feel free to use them after touching high touch areas like door handles and credit card terminals.
  7. Our staff will disinfect the exam room after every appointment. Reception areas will also be disinfected routinely.  

Prescription medication and food pickup 

    1. Will still be provided as a “Curbside service”. Please call 3140-328-3733 when you arrive to pick up your pets’ food or medication.