Genetic DNA Testing For Dogs…

Discover the secrets of your dog’s DNA!

Your dog’s DNA can tell you a lot. The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis can help you gain insight into your dog in several ways. This test will:


  • Determine you dog’s ancestry by comparing the DNA of your dog to the unique genetic signatures of over 250 breeds, types and varieties

  • Screen your dog for genetic markers that can indicate a predisposition to certain health conditions. We currently test for over 320 markers, with more added regularly.

  • Predict your dog’s likely adult weight and size, providing a benchmark you can use to ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight.

  • Offer precise nutritional guidelines based on your dog’s unique DNA profile.

  • Provide you and your veterinarian with valuable information so you can work together to create a customized health and wellness plan. 

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