Advanced Technology

Ask Your Veterinarian about Laser Therapy!

Harbor Animal Hospital is proud to introduce K-Laser Class IV laser therapy for your pets. Its beneficial uses include alleviating chronic pain, accelerating healing, rehabilitation and much, much more! For most species, K- laser can be part of the solution to help ease your pet’s discomfort. Safe and effective, this powerful modality provides increased comfort and mobility as well as accelerated and improved wound healing and rehabilitation.  Read more about Laser Therapy…

As technology helps the advancement of human medicine, veterinary medicine has advanced as well.  At Harbor Animal Hospital we are committed to reinvesting in our practice to provide our patients with state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Some of the technology that we are proud to be able to offer includes…

Digital Radiology: Our state of the art digital x-ray equipment allows us to take superior quality x-rays in less time and with less exposure for your pet.  The digital format also allows us to rapidly email the radiographs for you to view or obtain consultations from board certified radiologists.  We also use digital dental radiology to help asses the health of your pet’s teeth, enable us to find hidden, yet painful, dental conditions.

Laboratory: In addition to utilizing outside laboratories for a wide variety of specialized testing, our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to rapidly analyze your pet’s blood or urine on site.

Glaucoma Testing: Utilizinga device called a Tonopen we can rapidly and accurately measure your pet’s intraocular pressure.  Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, can best be treated when caught very early.

Video Otoscope: This device allows us to examine your pet’s ears with high magnification and clarity and allows you to see into your pet’s ears at the same time.  This device also allows us to use our laser in the ear to remove small tumors.

CO2 Surgical Laser: Our laser allows us to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures with less bleeding and less pain.                                                                                                     

Digital Ultrasound: Whereas x-rays enable us to see the general size and shape of internal organs, ultrasound allows us to see into the organs to better asses their condition.  The heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, intestine and adrenal glands are all organs that can be evaluated with ultrasound.  This equipment also allows us to obtain non-surgical biopsies.  We can also utilize ultrasound to asses viability of fetuses in pregnant pets.

Ellman Radiosurgery: Often referred to as an electrosurgical or electrocautery, the Ellman Surgitron uses refined radio waves to cut tissue or control bleeding with minimal tissue damage.

EKG: is a readout of the electrical activity of the heart.  It is used to diagnose abnormal rhythms in the heart.

Blood Pressure Measurement: Our Doppler blood pressure monitor provides the most accurate blood pressure measurement available for pets.  This allows us to screen for high blood pressure before it causes irreversible kidney or heart damage or even blindness.

Anesthetic and Surgical Monitoring: Our multi-parameter patient monitors help us to keep your pet as safe as possible when undergoing a surgical or other anesthetic procedure.  These monitors enable us to track your pet’s EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, exhaled carbon dioxide, respiratory rate and temperature.

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