Apr 17 2017

The Dangers of Foxtails This Spring..

They look so innocent – but can cause serious harm……

Foxtail Season usually starts around May, when the grasses start drying out. Foxtails can be inhaled or they can burrow their way directly through the skin and into the body – where they can potentially cause trauma to the lungs or other organs. This spring with the “Superbloom” we are already starting to see Foxtails imbedded in some of our patients. The following are tips to prevent foxtails from injuring your dogs.

Tips for Foxtail Prevention: Check your dog’s feet and legs daily. Carefully comb your pet’s coat or give them a close whole-body trim during foxtail season Get rid of any foxtails in your yard and avoid walking your pet in areas with foxtails.

Signs of an Internal Foxtail:

NOSE: Sudden extreme sneezing, pawing at the nose, bleeding from the nostril.

EAR: Tilting and shaking of the head, pawing at the ear, crying, moving stiffly.

EYE: Sudden squinting of the eye. Swelling around eye accompanied by tears and mucous discharge.

THROAT: Gagging, retching cough. Compulsive grass eating, stretching neck and swallowing.

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