Apr 17 2017

April is Heart Worm Awareness Month – Free Testing at Harbor Animal Hospital!

April is Heart Worm Awareness Month at Harbor Animal Hospital!

We are expecting a lot of mosquitoes this summer as a result of all of the rain we have had this winter. As mosquitoes are the carrier of a potentially deadly parasite called heart worm, we want to make sure we educate our clients on the American Heartworm Society Recommendations for southern California. It is recommended that we test each dog annually for heartworm, and that we are protecting them all year with a monthly prevention (oral pill), or a six month injection. To help improve our client compliance with this testing and prevention, we are offering a FREE Heartworm test from the 17th to the 30th, when you purchase a one year supply of one of the following medications:

  • Trifexis (2-six month packages-$50 rebate)

  • Interceptor Plus (2-six month packages – $25 rebate) and Bravecto (4-three month packages-$35 rebate)

  • ProHeart 6 (2-six month injections) and Bravecto (4-three month packages-$35 rebate)


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