Sep 22 2016

Trupanion Does it Again!

I would like to share my experience of being a client of both Trupanion and Harbor Animal Hospital.

First of all, Harbor Animal Hospital has always been outstanding to work with, and it was upon their recommendation that I purchased a policy for my 9 week old puppy, two and a half years ago. Up until that point, I had never had pet insurance before.

I am especially pleased that Harbor works so closely with Trupanion. With submission of claims and the quick response from Trupanion, I know where things stand almost immediately. This has been a huge factor in customer satisfaction.

From my research, I discovered that Trupanion is highly regarded by the pet owning community. High marks come from the fact that they do not cap policies or cut animals off once they reach a certain age. However, one must be aware that the fact that a deductible must be met for each condition means that there are still quite a few out of pocket expenses along with the monthly payment. Once the deductible has been met, it is very gratifying to see bills come down substantially.

While I highly recommend Trupanion for owners of puppies, I am a bit more cautious about insuring older animals due to the pre-existing condition clause. For my older dog, I have purchased a policy with a very high deductible and low monthly payment since I anticipate that it will only be of value for limited issues and/or concerns, such as accidental injury or serious illness.

In closing, I want to add that it has given me peace of mind to know that my precious younger dog is covered for her lifetime of unexpected events. She is well worth the monthly payments and deductibles. It is also nice to know that we will never have to make life changing medical decisions based on finances. With both Harbor Animal Hospital and Trupanion on our team, we are in the best hands possible.

Stacey Patterson

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