Sep 03 2016

National Pet Insurance Month!

September is National Pet Insurance Month. To acknowledge that fact, we thought we would ask a few of our clients with Trupanion Pet Insurance, which is the company we most often recommend, to tell us why they originally purchased and continue to pay for pet insurance.

Here is a testimonial from the Evans Family:

“We have had Trupanion since adding our Shih Tzu puppy, Satchel, to our family in 2014. Unfortunately, Satchel suffers from really bad allergies. We cannot say how awesome it was to hear from Trupanion, our pet insurance company, ‘Don’t worry, your pet is covered for allergies.’ What’s really neat is that they have an ‘Express’ system, that enables the payment to go directly to the veterinary hospital, so that we don’t have to come up with the money up front and wait for reimbursement. We have been very happy with Trupanion, and will continue to share our experiences with others, in the hopes that it will help another family see the benefits of having pet insurance.”

And there you have it! Pet insurance to the rescue!

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