Mar 30 2016

The Importance of Pet Insurance!

Your best friend deserves the best coverage! Trupanion medical insurance for your pet is recommended by Harbor Animal Hospital for the unexpected emergencies, and treatments that might come up during his or her life. In April when you visit Harbor Animal Hospital, you will notice that the lobby is decorated in red stars to create awareness of the importance of Pet Insurance. After all, who wants to be put into the unexpected position of having to decide whether to provide the care their pet desperately needs, or pay their bills. No one, that’s who.

Trupanion helps pay for the big stuff, so that you and your family can sleep better at night. The Trupanion policy picks up 90% of veterinary costs for any new injury or illness, including hospital stays, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and other treatments when your pet is ill or injured. You choose the deductible that works for you, anywhere from $0-$1,000. No payout limits means that if your pet needs Insurance, they won’t cut off care. And, they won’t raise rates just because your pet is unlucky or develops a chronic condition.

It’s simple, take us up on our offer, next time you visit us, of an Activation Certificate that allows coverage within 24 hours of a veterinary exam, and waives the $35.00 enrollment fee. Coverage begins immediately upon activation. Sorry, exotic clients, Trupanion is only available for dogs and cats!

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