Jan 12 2016

Therapeutic K-Laser For Arthritis

Animals suffering from chronic musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis often have decreased circulation and blood flow to the affected joints. This leads to on-going inflammation in the joints. The body’s normal response is to “clean” out this inflammation but in an arthritic joint, this process is stunted by poor blood flow. The main purpose of a therapeutic K-laser is to increase blood flow and cellular oxygen in the area being treated. When we target an arthritic joint, the laser will pull blood into the area surrounding the bad joint, increase oxygen levels in and around the joint, and decrease the overall inflammation. K-laser treatments also help to build good collagen and muscle tissue. While we cannot reverse the arthritis in a joint, we can relieve the pain caused by arthritis and give your pet a much better quality of life! Use of the laser will also slow the progression of arthritis and allow your pet to grow old without further pain, discomfort, and medications.

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