Jan 06 2016

Therapeutic K-Laser Post Surgery and for Wound Care

Wounds can form on our pets for many reasons. We often see traumatic wounds such as dog bites, lacerations, or abscesses. We also see chronic, non-healing wounds that despite basic treatments like cleaning and antibiotics have a difficult time healing. The K-laser treatments increase blood flow to the wound which allows the body’s own immune cells to get to the area where they are needed. The K-laser decreases inflammation and stimulates cytokines that speed the healing process. In short, the therapeutic laser treatments promote healing! We have seen acute wounds heal in half the time when the laser is used. Chronic wounds that have been present for months are often healed with 1 or 2 courses of laser treatment. Doses of medications are reduced in pets receiving laser treatments to wounds due to the pain relieving properties of laser and the increased blood flow. K-laser helps our pets heal faster and with less pain!

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