Dec 31 2015

Start The Year Off On The Right Paw!

PUT A COLLAR WITH AN ID TAG ON YOUR PET- If they already have one, make sure the information is up-to-date. An even better idea would be to have your pet permanently micro-chipped!
KEEP UP WITH ROUTINE MAINTENANCE- If you got off track with heartworm or flea preventatives, now is a good time to get back on schedule. Give us a call!
IF YOU HAVE BEEN PUTTING IT OFF- Schedule a routine wellness exam for your pet. Being proactive may prevent something more serious in the future.
STAY CURRENT ON YOUR PET’S-Internal parasite examinations and vaccinations. Two easy ways to keep your pet healthy and parasite free.
CONSIDER PET INSURANCE-  We highly recommend insurance for all of our patients – check out
SCHEDULE EXERCISE- Dogs need to run, cats need to play, even hamsters need to spin on their wheels! Make exercising your pet part of your daily routine. It’s good for you too!
FEED YOUR PET GOOD QUALITY FOOD- In the proper amount, and do not feed them people food!
IS YOUR PET OVERWEIGHT? Call us for an appointment to make sure there is no underlying physical condition causing the weight gain. Then we can help with a feeding and exercise plan to help with weight reduction.
TAKE TIME-Every day to shower your pet with love!

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