Oct 14 2015

Team Appreciation Week – A Note From Dr. Kaufman

As veterinarians, we tend to get all of the glory when we use our skills and knowledge to save a family’s adored pet, or all of the thanks when we help a nervous pet parent learn to care for their puppy, kitten, bird or rabbit. But, we couldn’t do what we do, without our staff. This week is veterinary technician appreciation week, or, as we see it, veterinary team appreciation week. Dr. Norby and I are all very lucky to have such a great group of team members to help us do our jobs and to help provide great and compassionate care for our patients. So, thank you Frank, Rebecca, Casey, Bridget, Cindy, Grecia, Mary, Yvonne, Denise, Veronica, Lynsey, Jessica, Juan, David, Nico, Andrew, Shelly and Karen for all the comfort and care you provide to our patients and clients and for the help and support you provide to the doctors. We really could not do it without you. Special thanks also to Alyson and Celene who were part of our team this year, and are now off exploring other veterinary opportunities!
Dr. K.

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