May 07 2015

The Siamese Cat- Breed of the Month!

Basic Facts about Siamese Cats:
– Generally 21-23 inches tall
– Weigh 6-14 pounds
– Live to be 15-20 years
– Short-haired single coat is snowy or creamy white, with color points ranging from traditional seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac to the newer red, tortoiseshell, cinnamon, fawn, caramel, and tabby
– Sensitive to anesthesia; prone to respiratory infections, CNS diseases, cardiomyopathy, vestibular disease, and stress-related conditions, including psychogenic    alopecia and feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

They are considered to be intelligent, outspoken, beautiful, and regal. Siamese cats seldom keep their opinions to themselves. Their expressive voices, which range from raspy baritone to baby-like soprano, are often loud and emphatic. They are not the best choice for anyone who values peace and quiet.

They are thought to have originated in Thailand, formerly Siam. The Siamese cat made its first appearance in Europe in 1871 at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London, and first came to the United States in 1879 as a gift for President Rutherford B. Hayes’ wife from the U.S. Consul in Bangkok. The earliest recorded image of a Siamese-like cat appeared in a 1350 manuscript from Ayudha, the ancient Thai capital, titled Cat Book Poems.

The breed is a favorite companion of modern Buddhist monks in Thailand; Wat Thong Noppakhun in Bangkok is one well-known temple with dozens of resident Siamese.

Siamese cats, which are ranked 9th in popularity by the Cat Fanciers’ Association based on 2014 breed registrations, come in 2 varieties: traditional (nicknamed “appleheads’) or the wedge-headed, huge-eared show type. Both varieties have striking, large, brilliant blue eyes that are generally large and almond-shaped and come in various hues.

Their loving nature, loyalty, and eagerness to socialize with people and other animals, high intelligence, elegance, and endless curiosity make Siamese delightful pets.

Siamese are among the longest-lived purebreds, including Sheba, a 38-year-old with her own YouTube video. Learn more from the Siamese Internet Cat Club website (

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