Feb 24 2015

When to Start Training Your Puppy…

Early Training is a Smart Tactic

One question many new puppy owners ask is this: When should I start training my pup?

The recommended age has constantly shifted earlier and earlier over time. Why? Because experts have determined that puppies are capable of learning at much earlier ages than once thought.

Today many breeders begin training and socializing their puppies as early as 3-5 weeks of age.

At young ages puppies are like sponges, soaking up everything. Another important aspect of early training is that puppies who will grow up to be big or giant dogs are much easier to handle when they are young. By the time they reach 6 or 8 months of age, some large-breed puppies are too strong for most people to handle easily.

Make training sessions short, especially at first. Use lots of positive motivation, such as food and toy rewards, and gentle guidance with your hands. Time invested now can reap large dividends later.

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