Oct 06 2014

Dating Survey Results: Must Love Dogs….

A survey of 1000 singles in the US and Canada conducted by PlentyOfish for Modern Dog Magazine revealed the following:

53% of respondents would be extremely likely to break up with someone who didn’t like their dog; 32% would be somewhat likely.

48% of respondents would be not at all likely to date someone who their dog didn’t like; 42% would be somewhat likely.

77% of respondents mention their dog in their profile; 23% do not.

51% of respondents feature at least one image of their dog on their dating profile.

25% of respondents think that owning a dog is an asset to their dating life; 45% of people aren’t sure if owning a do is an asset to

their dating life; 6% answered that owning a dog makes dating more difficult.

33% have brought their dog on a date; 22% have cancelled a date to tend to their dog.

1% have hidden the fact that they are a dog owner to a prospective date.

When asked which traits dog owners are more likely to possess over non-dog owners, 73% answered kind, 66% answered loyal,

80% answered responsible, 19% answered athletic, 31% answered outgoing and 45% answered trustworthy. Couple-walking-their-dog-in-the-forest

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