Sep 03 2014

Harbor Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Care Foundation Has a Rooster of a Tale!

Last week one of Dr. Kaufman’s neighbors brought in an injured Rooster. She had heard a ruckus down on the baseball field behind her house which included a voice screaming at a  dog to leave something alone. She went to investigate. What she found was a whole bunch of feathers scattered all over the baseball field. So, she started searching for the injured animal and ended up finding a scared and bloody rooster hiding inside a drainage pipe. So, what do you think she did? Well, she got a hold of a friend and then she climbed into the drainage pipe and pulled the ailing rooster out. (Please don’t try this at home!) After taking the poor bird home and cleaning him up, she called us and asked us if we would help her out by stitching up the wounds he had incurred during the dog attack. Luckily, we have been depositing 1% of our VIP members sales into our Veterinary Care Foundation Fund and were proud to be able to use it to care for this beautiful rooster. Thank you Nancy for your determination and bravery in making sure this stray rooster was well taken care of, and thank you to our VIP clients for supporting our Veterinary Care Foundation Fund!

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