May 20 2014

Dr. Kaufman Takes a Trip to The Dog Beach!

What a beautiful day it was on Monday! My wife and I headed down to Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach at the end of Golden West Street with our two dogs Fiyera and Mac.  They absolutely LOVED it! The beach was clean and there were several other dogs and their owners out enjoying the day as well. If your dog is well socialized and would like a special treat, I highly recommend this family field trip! Fiyera, our poodle, is happy off the leash, and frolicked around like a puppy. As Mac is a retired Greyhound, we chose to keep him on a 30 foot lead, which gave him a small semblance of freedom! The water was pretty cold, but Mac didn’t seem to mind it on his paws. Fiyera, in true prissy poodle fashion ran anytime a wave came near her precious tootsies! Check out the following link!



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