Mar 29 2014

Spring Cleaning Must-Do’s For Dogs!

Clean or Discard Old Toys-Take an inventory of the contents of the toy chest. If the toys are just dirty, wash them with soap and water. You can put plush and fabric toys in the washing machine. Toss out any toys that are frayed or broken, even if one of them is your dog’s favorite. The upside: you can have fun replacing the playthings that are discarded!

Bring A Sparkle to Their Spaces-Laundering bedding and washing dog dishes should be regular chores; some recommend a frequency of at least once a week. But there are adjoining areas, such as baseboards surrounding food and water dishes, which may not get attention through the year. This is a good time to make those areas spotless. Also, look through the windows around you dog’s favorite places, and wipe away nose and paw prints. Spring is also a good time to give a thorough cleaning to crates and carriers, with a mild soap like dishwashing detergent, and a highly diluted disinfectant. Many people do a final wipe-down with water, to reduce the chance of pets coming in contact with chemicals.

Give Hair the Brush-Off-Unless you have a coat-free dog, stray strands and dander are among your biggest housecleaning challenges. In addition to going over every corner and surface with the vacuum, you can improve your chances of making a clean sweep by taking some advance preparatory steps. On carpets and upholstery, for example, a light misting with water and fabric softener followed by a once-over with a stiff-bristled brush can loosen and pull up embedded hairs. you can also use a lint roller, pet-hair remover, or other hair grabber before vacuuming.

Walk the Yard-There are many pooper-scoopers on the market, as well as in-ground digesters that use enzymatic solutions to dissolve fecal matter. For those who are squeamish, pet-waste removal companies will do the dirty work for you! Also, get rid of any downed branches, stones, or other debris that you dog may try to swallow or chew.

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