Jan 23 2014

Surgery is Not Just For Big Dogs Anymore!

Last month Dr. Kaufman was presented with a little (2oz, 1/10 pound, 62 gram) hamster named Mochi that was bleeding from her genital area and had a bloated abdomen.  After obtaining sample of fluid from her belly, Dr. K diagnosed her as having cystic ovaries and he drained the rest of the fluid to make her more comfortable.  Three weeks later the fluid returned and the owners elected to have Dr. Kaufman perform surgery.  Dr. Kaufman, with the help of magnifying lenses, performed surgery to remove her uterus and cystic ovaries.   Her ovaries were so large that after surgery her weight was reduced from 62 grams to 46 grams.  Her ovaries weighed over 1/3 as much as she did!  Surgery was a success and she has been doing great ever since.

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