Nov 18 2013

Dr. Kaufman’s Daughter Alison Fosters Dogs at College!

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree! Dr. Kaufman’s eldest daughter, Alison, has been fostering homeless dogs while in Ohio at college for the last year and a half. Last year she fostered a Collie mix named Lola, for 7 months, faithfully dropping her off at adoption events every Saturday morning and picking her up on Sunday nights for months until she was eventually placed in a lovely home. Next she fostered a pair of chihuahua’s who were not neutered and extremely rambunctious! Thankfully that was a short lived situation, and she enjoyed pretending to be Elle Woods and carrying one of them in her purse to classes! Her latest foster was a Corgi/Jack Russell mix named Cooper, and she fell hopelessly in love with him! She begged me countless times to let her adopt him and I had to remind her that her future living situation is unknown and that he would be better off in a permanent home rather than moving around with her from place to place. It was very hard on her, but he was adopted just last month. The following is a letter written to her from Cooper’s new family in Ohio.

“Dear Alison, I’m writing to let you know how wonderful our little doggie is doing. We renamed him “Cleveland”, as my husband is a Browns fan, and he is a wonderful addition to our family. We have a 9 year old son who loves to run with “Cleveland” in the back yard. We also have a mini Rex rabbit. “Cleveland” and “Spark” only have interactions through the cage. “Cleveland” loves licking the bunny who doesn’t seem to mind. Thank you for the wonderful care you provided for our little buddy before we adopted him.”

If Alison wasn’t following her passion studying music, we might have another veterinarian in the family!

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