Oct 07 2013

Casey-Everyday Team Member, Extraordinary Work at Harbor Animal Hospital!

When you come in the front door of our hospital, you are quite likely to be greeted by the warmth and smile of Casey!  She has been helping at our front desk for six years and has become an integral part of our family.

Casey was born in Las Vegas and lived there until she was five years old.  Her father was involved in the business of creating television shows and was offered a chance to work in Los Angeles.  So, the family moved to the South Bay where Casey grew up and went through school, including two years at El Camino College.  (Her dad is currently involved with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune!  He has been honored with three Emmys!)

Casey has had some fascinating experiences in the working world, always enjoying helping people in many ways.  At the Pediatric Therapy Network, Casey supported young special needs children to learn new skills including sign language, along with physical, speech, and occupational therapy.  It also included all the aspects of adjusting to touch and sensory input. She said it was very gratifying to see the kids learn, and especially rewarding to see the hope it gave to their parents.

Casey has also had experience giving swimming lessons, being a Life Guard, and performing safety training.  After moving back to Vegas for a few years, she returned to Los Angeles and came to work for us.

Casey has a most adorable cat, Cheeto.  This beautiful orange and white cat is seven years old, and recently suffered the indignity of an anal abscess.  After a difficult surgery performed by Dr. Kaufman, followed by drains and hospitalization, Cheeto is healing very well.  It’s only been two weeks since it happened and you can hardly tell at all!

Casey’s greatest joy has always been to help others with a sense of purpose in her work.  She truly cares about our patients and their parents.  Her education over the last six years has been extensive, which enables her to give all the care and information to each pet owner she comes in contact with.  We’re so happy that Casey is part of our team!

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