Sep 13 2013

Thank You VIP Members for Helping Dr. Kaufman Save a Wild Cooper’s Hawk!

cooper fixOver the past 25 years, Dr. Kaufman and the veterinary team at Harbor Animal Hospital have donated many hours of medical care  to South Bay Wildlife. South Bay Wildlife is the local group who cares for the indigenous avian population by nurturing sick and injured birds back to health.   After these birds have recuperated, they are released back into their native habitat. This week, thanks to our VIP members, Dr. Kaufman and our devoted veterinary team were able to have some of their costs covered while saving a Cooper’s Hawk with a severely broken leg.

When the hawk arrived at the hospital, members of the Animal Healthcare Team performed x-rays to determine the extent of the damage.  The x-rays showed that the tibiotarsal bone in his left leg was broken and  that the hawk would need immediate surgical repair.   Dr. Kaufman opened up the leg and reduced (realigned and repaired) the fracture and then utilized external skeletal fixation using stainless steel pins and thermalplastic cross bars to hold the leg in place. This technique allows the hawk use of the leg while he recovers. The members of the South Bay Wildlife group will keep the hawk in one of their aviaries until the leg is healed in about four weeks, at which time, the apparatus will be removed. At that point the hawk will be released back into the wild.

When you become a member of our VIP program, we donate 2% of what you spend at our hospital to the Veterinary Care Foundation to care for wild animals, rescue pets, and and pets who are owned by those less fortunate members of our community who cannot pay for emergency pet care.  We are able to ask for grants from the foundation to cover the costs of situations such as this.  We are grateful for our clients and this program, which enables us to support the pets and wild animals in our area.

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