Jul 31 2013

Shauna-Every Day Team Member, Extraordinary Work at Harbor Animal Hospital!

Shauna has been part of our team at Harbor Animal Hospital for over ten years.  Her big heart and extensive skills are a great asset to our patients, clients and her other team members. Shauna grew up in southern California, and came to our hospital with several years of experience working with all types of animals.  Pocket pets are a special area of interest for Shauna and her love of these smaller pets has given her the passion to learn everything she can about them.  This education has made  her extremely valuable in sharing information with our clients regarding housing, home care, feeding, and medical care for these little pets.  She’s always available to answer any questions you may have. Shauna is also an avid learner.  She frequently takes “Continuing Education” classes on a broad range of topics.  Most recently she spent three days at the Pacific Veterinary Conference going to workshops on anesthesia, radiology, animal emergency care, and exotic pet care.  Her favorite part of the Conference was the presentation on the “Human Animal Bond”.  Shauna realizes that this bond is an important part of caring for all pets. She currently shares her home with  “Samantha” her one year old Border Collie/Sheltie mix and “Biggie” her five year old Maine Coon Cat. Samantha is currently being trained to work as a therapy dog with seniors.  On the slightly more exotic side, Shauna also has a Sugar Glider named “Stevie” and a hedgehog named “Sonic”. As you can see, it’s a fun household! In the future, Shauna is hoping to become part of hospice care for animals.  Her true love of all creatures has taught her to be an excellent veterinary technician and a great benefit to all of us!

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