Jul 20 2013

It’s Official! Dr. Kaufman Has Adopted an Ex-Racing Greyhound from FastFriends!

The Kaufman family has officially adopted Mac, a four year old ex-racing Greyhound, and he is settling into our home very well! He is a sweet, gentle boy who is learning new things every day about life as a retired racer! He loves to lay in the sun, steal our hats and shoes and run around the yard in short bursts with Fiyera, our standard poodle. In the short month he has lived with us he has learned his name, how to maneuver through a doggie door, how to take snacks from our hands, how not to walk through glass windows and how to go up and down stairs. He is a delight and we are thrilled to have him as one of our beloved pets! Dr. KaufmanMac with crocodile

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