Jun 17 2013

Dr. Kaufman Fosters A “FastFriend” Greyhound!

On Sunday June 16, 2013 (Father’s Day!) Dr. Kaufman and his family began fostering a beautiful recently retired racing Greyhound named “Mac” (McCauley). They were lucky enough to meet a wonderful couple, and the driving force behind FastFriends, Joyce and Tom McRorie, during the process. So far, Mac is a big hit with all of the staff at Harbor Animal Hospital and he seems to be very content relaxing in Dr. Kaufman’s office. We are trying to teach him his name and to get him used to life as a retired gentlemen. One of the cutest things about him is that when he sleeps he has running dreams. I know many of your dogs have probably had the same dreams with their feet paddling non-stop, but when this dog dreams of running, he really dreams of running! His career included 156 races, in which he placed first 36 times and second 26 times. He was retired in April and will be 4 years old in July. Dr. K is hoping this turns into an adoption, but he has to see how Mack gets along with his standard poodle, Fiyera and his two cats, Cinderella and Nemo. For anyone interested in fostering or adopting an ex-racing Greyhound, we highly recommend FastFriends.

UPDATE ON MAC (as of 7-3-2013):  He is doing well in the Kaufman home and gets along well with Fiyera, the standard poodle. The cats are still trying to decide about MAC, as he tends to get very excited when he sees them! It’s looking really good for a permanent adoption as Mac is a big hit at the hospital and travels in and out of a full lobby of patients very calmly and professionally!

Looking to adopt an ex-racing Greyhound?  Contact FastFriends at  www.fastfriends.org

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