Jun 08 2013

Harbor Animal Hospital is Calling All Cats!

Calling All Cats!!

In the United States there are more pet cats than there are pet dogs. Yet, veterinarians see twice as many dogs per day as cats. Following are some tips as to why it is important for those of you who own cats to bring them in for an examination if they haven’t been seen by us in a while.

Did you know that…..

*Cats age 5-10 time faster than their human parents

*Cats hang out in the best places for fleas which can lead to flea and tapeworm infestations

*Cats need a Rabies vaccine once per year

*Cats are prone to painful dental disease

*Cats are susceptible to kidney disease and cancer which are best managed if caught early

 These are all great reasons to bring your cats in to see your veterinarian today!!!

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