Apr 12 2013

Amazing New Ear Pack Really Targets Ear Infections at Harbor Animal Hospital!

Hi everyone!!!  This is “Gizmo” McJunkins.  Gizmo came into Harbor Animal Hospital with itchy, smelly ears a few weeks ago. Dr. Wetzel performed an ear cytology (took some of the matter in his ear and looked at it under the microscope) to see if he had a bacterial or yeast infection.  Ears can be infected with bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both and these infections are usually secondary to underlying allergies or foreign bodies. Gizmo’s ears had an abundance of yeast, and he was officially diagnosed with otitis externa,  otherwise known as an ear infection.    Dr. Wetzel treated Gizmo’s ears with a treatment called an otic pack.  This medication is a treatment in the form of a thick ointment which is placed deep in the ear canal to target the infection.  This treatment worked great on Gizmo, and best of all his mom didn’t have to clean or medicate his ears at home, giving her more time to give him a fancy hair “make-over!”  Blue is his favorite color and he certainly does wear it well! The best news of all is that at his two week re-evaluation appointment, his infection had resolved!

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