Mar 19 2013

Springtime Pet Safety Tips From Harbor Animal Hospital!

Springtime Safety Tips

Here are a few Seasonal tips that will help keep your pets safe this spring!

Spring has sprung, and with the change of season, our thoughts inevitably turn to Easter celebrations, spring cleaning and much-needed home improvement projects. But the new warm weather can prove not-so-sunny for curious pets-or their unwitting owners.

Easter Treats and Decorations

Keep Easter lilies and candy bunnies in check as chocolate goodies are toxic to cats, dogs and ferrets, and lilies can be fatal if ingested by our furry friends. Also, be mindful that kitties love to nibble on the colorful plastic grass used to line Easter baskets, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration.

Screen Yourself

Many pet owners welcome the breezy days of spring by opening their windows. Unfortunately, they also unknowingly put their pets at risk, especially cats, as they  are apt to jump or fall through un-screened windows after a chirping bird or a butterfly. Be sure to install snug and sturdy screens in all of your windows.

Home Improvement 101

Products such as paints, mineral spirits and solvents can be toxic to your pets and cause severe irritation or chemical burns. Carefully read all labels to see if the product is safe to use around your pets. Also, be cautious of physical hazards, including nails, staples, insulation, blades and power tools. It may be wise to confine your dog or cat to a designated pet-friendly room during home improvement projects.

Let Your Garden Grow-With Care

Pet owners, take care, fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides keep our plants and lawns healthy and green, but their ingredients aren’t meant for four legged consumption and can be fatal if your pet ingests them. Always store these poisonous products in out-of-the-way places and follow label instructions carefully. Also, beware that many popular springtime plants-including Easter lilies, rhododendron, and azaleas are highly toxic to pets and can easily prove fatal if eaten.

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