Oct 25 2012

Rebecca – Everyday Team Member, Extraordinary Work

Do you ever wonder which team member has been with Harbor Animal Hospital the longest?  You’d probably guess Dr. Kaufman,  right?  Well, that’s actually not quite right!  Even before Dr. Kaufman owned the hospital, Rebecca was here working with our patients.  Over her many years of working at Harbor, she has served in every possible way that a team member can.  If you need an appointment for your pet, or if your pet needs vaccinations, Rebecca can quickly and competently take care of those needs.  If your dog needs lab work performed or x-rays taken, just ask Rebecca.  Whether it’s a bath or anesthesia that your pet needs, Rebecca can do it with skill, confidence, and poise.  Rebecca’s many years of experience have helped her hone her skills, achieve her Registered Veterinary Technician’s License, and enable her to care for all of the variety of pets that cross our threshold.  Her sense of commitment runs deep and her dedication to all aspects of the health of your pets make her an extremely valuable member of our team.  Next time you’re in, take a minute to talk to our superstar hospital manager, and have her share some of her experience and know-how with you. Her love for all pets is more than genuine, it’s what makes her who she is.

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