Aug 29 2012

Harbor Animal Hospital, Torrance – K-Laser Success Story!

Nearly fourteen years ago, an exuberant French Brittany Spaniel puppy entered my family’s life. We soon became inseparable.  Our dog, now named Castor, grew from puppy to an active juvenile to a hard running field dog.  Alas, the ravages of time and arthritis have taken their cruel toll on him.  His spirit is indomitable but the body is frail.

The fine professionals at Harbor Animal Hospital have seen to Castor’s health for his entire life.  At their suggestion, Castor, underwent a course of treatment with K-Laser and the result is astounding. Since starting the K-laser treatment, Castor’s pain medication has largely been eliminated, the anti-inflammatory medication has been sharply reduced and his mobility and comfort enhanced. After seeing Castor’s improvement a number of my regular dog park friends have commented that they would like to undergo the human version of the laser treatment.

While there is no reversing time or age, the good people at Harbor Animal Hospital and K-Laser have made the sunset years of my beloved dog infinitely better.

Gary S

August 2012

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