Jun 21 2012

Of Cats and Raccoons by Dr. Kaufman, Torrance, CA

Over the years I have had a few clients tell me their cats have hung out with raccoons.  I was always a little skeptical about that….until the other night.

I had just sat down after a full day of work and preparing casseroles for our staff pot-luck lunch when I heard my wife, Karen, calling frantically from the back door.  “Come quick, there is a raccoon trying to get in through the doggie door” she yelled. I ran over and using a flashlight to peer through the window in the door, I saw only the orange and white bushy tail of our cat Nemo. My natural first assumption was that my wife was imagining things and all that was really out there was our innocent little cat. When Karen insisted there was really a raccoon out there, I tried to reassure her that if there was really a raccoon out there our cat would not be hanging around so nonchalantly.  Once I finally had her convinced that there really was not a raccoon outside, I opened the door, stepped outside and from the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the ringed tail and rump of a good sized raccoon as it slowly waddled out towards our back gate.  And, to my surprise, our cat was casually following the raccoon as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening.

So, my wife was right (aren’t wives always right?).  And, I learned that sometimes cats and raccoons can get along. That said, it is also important to remember that raccoons are wild animals and can be extremely dangerous. They should never be approached by anyone without special equipment and training.  Just in case you don’t believe me, as I did not believe my wife, here is a picture of the raccoons paw print on the outside of our doggie door!

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