Love Them Deeply. Keep Them Healthy.

Our veterinary team is dedicated to caring for your furry, and feathered family members with the same attention and compassion we give to our own pets.  From the cheerful welcome your receive when you walk through the front door, to the professional, compassionate attention your pet receives from our veterinarians and technicians, you will know that you are in the right place! Everyone at Harbor Animal Hospital understands the special bond that forms between us and our animal companions. We are all committed to providing high quality veterinary medical, surgical and dental care in a warm, clean, and friendly environment.  In addition, we also provide wellness care, which includes bi-annual examinations, vaccinations, parasite exams and parasite control products for your pets, enabling them to live long, healthy lives.



Improving the lives of pets and their families with the safest possible procedures


Exams and immunizations are the cornerstone of high quality health care


Specialized veterinary care and treatment for small mammal and avian companions


We are committed to helping pets live long, healthy and happy lives